Eight Incredibly Luxurious Sedans

Sedans Fit for a Sultan
Imagine that you just received your invitation to the Oscars. Now it’s time to decide how you want to travel to the star-studded event. Most automakers offer big luxury cars that reward the wealthy, but you need something truly grand – a giant step up from the ordinary.

When you really need to stand out, you may look for something with a hood ornament you don’t see every day: something like a Rolls Royce or a Bentley. But don’t overlook cars from more mainstream manufacturers that have more experience assembling reliable rides. Plenty of them, from Mercedes-Benz to Lexus – even newly reinvigorated Cadillac – offer worthy alternatives with all the opulence you expect from boutique brands. The difference is, once the awards show ends, you can still drive them every day without trips to the dealership to repair broken baubles.

These eight cars make worthy limos that will entice you to repose in the rear and leave the driving to others. Some might even inspire you to sneak out for a midnight spin behind the wheel. Just don’t tell Jeeves.

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