Use These Best Car Lease Deals to Own Your Dream Car Today

Today, cars are being leased out in ever-increasing numbers. Drivers find it more convenient to lease new cars rather than buying them outright.

Prime Motors is a well-established company that provides both selling and leasing services to potential car owners. They also provide the best new car lease deals.

Best New Car Lease deals

Prime Motors excels in leasing new cars that include both economical class and luxury class cars, sedans, SUVs and much more. Here are some of the best new car lease deals currently on offer:

Sedan BMW 3 series

A sedan is certainly one of the most preferred luxury cars of America and stands out with its lavish interiors and superior looks. If you want to experience the feel of both driving precision and sophisticated looks, then go for the best new car lease deals offered by Prime Motors.

Mercedes Benz E class

With a revamped look in 2017, this luxury car is well-known for its technological finesse, suave looks, and stylish interiors. Order it now from the website and get this head turner delivered right to your doorstep within 24 hours.

How does the process work?

The process is simple: Just visit their showroom or pick the car from the online portal and it will be delivered right to your door.

You have the option to buy the leased car after the completion of the lease tenure by paying the residual value of the car which is predetermined by the dealer.

However, there are other options too which can be exercised in case you are not interested in actually buying the car. Options include:

Trading the car

The car dealer will trade your leased car to another client, and the difference between the sale value and residual value will be returned to you. This is a bonus to you the customer which can be utilized as a down payment while buying any new car (should you wish). Flexibility is the key.

Return the car

The return policy of Prime Motors is hassle-free. If you do not wish to hold on to the car after the lease period, you can simply return the keys.

Issues with a Car leasing

If there are any scratches or the car is slightly damaged or if the interiors have deteriorated after the lease period, then the car dealer levies service charges which will be the price required to renovate or re-finish the car.

If your car has crossed the running distance limit which is being stipulated at the time of leasing, then you can be charged for that extra distance.

These charges are only applicable if you wish to trade or return your leased vehicle.

Best practices for getting a Car lease deal

Superfast delivery of cars is provided only by Prime Motors. Choose a car and it will be delivered to your home and office address in no time. Also, the delivery will be cost-free and their after sales service is excellent.

At the end of the lease tenure, Prime Motors allows you to select any other car by using the residual value if you are not satisfied with the performance of the leased car.


Get the car of your dreams within a time span of 24 hours only at Prime Motors. Take advantage of the offer today. The best new car deals are applicable on luxury cars also!

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