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Using an Auto Concierge: The New Way to Buy a Car

With on-demand apps gaining huge popularity in service areas such as car washing, ride sharing, and dog walking, it’s no small wonder that people are beginning to favor online services that save them time, money, and stress. At Prime Motors, we think buying or leasing a car should be just as easy; that’s why we’ve applied the same on-demand mentality to car buying.

Shop for Cars Online

When you search for cars online, it allows you to instantly view all the information you need on multiple car makes and models, and  to compare pricing and leasing information side by side. Having all that info in front of you makes your car buying decision easier and more convenient than ever, and saves you from having to walk around multiple car dealerships, struggling to keep car stats and figures in your head.

Get the Best Price

Prime Motors operates independently of any car dealership, which means we are able to offer the best car prices to our customers. Going through a dealership and having to deal with pushy sales reps and confusing pricing details is the old way of buying a car. Using an auto concierge allows you to take advantage of benefits you won’t get elsewhere. Because Prime Motors works directly with the car manufacturers fleet department, we pass on the benefits and savings to our customers.

Get Your New Car Delivered Right to Your Door

The best part of using an auto concierge? The exceptional service. We will deliver your new car right to your home or office at no charge.The process brings a level of convenience to the car buying experience that you simply won’t find anywhere else. And after you receive your new car, we will still be there for you to assist with any after-sale services you need.

Prime Motors offers premium auto concierge services anywhere in the United States. We can help you find any car, anytime, anywhere, and have it delivered right to your door in a 100% hassle free process. For more information, you can email us at or give us a call at (561) 997-2886.

Also – a huge thanks to Delray Business Directory for helping us get setup!

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